Fuel your body with top quality ingredients to achieve your daily goals, so that even on the go your mind and your body can feel at home.

Half-Canadian and half-Italian, Andréanne Passarelli was inspired to create this ME PER ME experience. She felt that she owed it to herself, and it was almost like a gift. Hopping from one continent to another, she sensed the need to nourish her mind and body with such top quality ingredients as would help her achieve her daily goals while remaining comfortable.

ME PER ME is the perfect combination of my Italian love for and obsession with fresh products and healthy food and the expression of my inner entrepreneurial spirit. It is simply taking care of myself, listening to how my body feels and powering up to handle whatever occasion arises during a busy schedule.

Our Partners

Our main focus is working hand-in-hand

with local Italian producers

to find fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Each recipe seeks to feature ingredients from regions in so rich and varied a country as Italy. Our distinguished partners are unique but all have one thing in common: they want to bring this experience to the next level.

“The devil is in the details” is our motto. That is how we select our products meticulously, how we serve our exclusive clients throughout Europe and how we create a unique experience for our customers.

Healthy and naturally prepared Italian-style ME PER ME’s creations are now offered on the European market.